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Oct 24 2011

Yuppiechef Enkosi Cookathon Round-up

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After a week of cooking 7 South African dishes for the Yuppiechef Enkosi Cookathon, I figured I would review each dish.

The links below, take you to my blog post for each item, where you can also find links to the original recipes, and in certain cases, my adaptations.

My reviews appear in the order of my favourite to my least favourite.


1. The Winner – Bobotie

      This recipe definitly got 10/10 for taste. It was delicious, and fairly simple to make. If you have a well stocked spice cupboard, the fresh ingredients you need to buy to make this dish are minimal, and you don’t have to use many dishes either. I will certainly be making this meal again in the future.



2. A very close 2nd – Malva Pudding Cupcakes 

What!? The cupcakes never made it to number 1 – on a blog called Nom Nom Cupcake – oh the atrocity! But trust me, it was a very close competition. I always thought Malva pudding would be complicated to make, but in fact, it is really easy. The sauce you make to pour on top is AWESOME, and if it wasn’t mainly butter and cream, I may have drank a cup full of it. Taste wise, I give these cupcakes a 8.5/10. Malva pudding, is also being added to my “Must make again” list.



3. Taking the bronze – Lamb Curry

The lamb curry had a good flavour, and wasn’t difficult to make. It was just very time consuming. This is not a dish you can make for dinner after work, so rather save it for the weekend, when you have time to cook meat for 2 and a half hours. I give this dish a 7/10 for taste.



4. In fourth place – Spicy Chickpea Slivers

The original recipe was for Spicy Chicken livers, but livers (and all other types of internal organs) freak me out, so making a dish with them was out of the question. I instead made a paste out of chickpeas using the same ingredients. It was super simple to make, and the lemon juice gave it a tangy taste. This recipe gets an 7.5/10 for taste, and is perfect to whip up as a quick starter before a big meal, when you serve it with fresh crusty bread.


5. At number 5 – Koeksisters

I find normal koeksisters sickingly sweet, so, given the opportunity to do my own thing with this recipe, I opted to bake, instead of fry my koeksisters. The result was very tasty, and I may make them again. The recipe isn’t very complicated, and doesn’t use a lot of ingredients. Taste wise – 6.5/10



6. In 2nd last place – Milk Tart

Although this milk tart tasted really good (7/10), I would not make it again. You have to use a thousand dishes, and its not a quick process at all. The recipe requires eggs to be seperated (sometimes not such an easy task), things to be cooked in different ways, pastry to be rested, and it makes a vast amount of tart. I’m sure there are less involved ways of making a milk tart, that are more suited to lazy people like me.



7. And the loser – Phutu Pap and Relish

The recipe posted for this dish was incorrect. My first attempt at making the pap, resulted in a dry burnt mess, due to the tiny amount of water. I think the recipe should have been 10 cups of water for 3 cups of maize, instead of the 1 cup specified. 1/2 cup of Maize per person, makes a substantial amount when cooked. I  followed the instructions on the packet of maize, and the result was a bit more satisfactory. The relish wasn’t bad, the recipe just make a huge pot full of it. Taste wise – 5/10. Recipe for the Phutu Pap – 0/10.


And there you have it, my summary of the Enkosi Cookathon. Thanks to Yuppiechef, for pushing me out my comfort zone, and getting me to recreate some South African favourites. I enjoyed taking part, and hope that there are many more cookathons in the future. I think my boyfriend and family enjoy when I participate in a competition, as they get to eat the results of all my hard work. ;)



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